How Much does Artificial Grass Cost

The most obvious and largest factor in determining your artificial grass cost is going to be the size of the area you want covered. As there are many brands and types available, the cost can vary widely depending on what product you purchase. Generally the artificial grass cost is very affordable when compared to the long term savings of not having to mow, water and fertilize. For this reason alone there is a huge market which will provide you with many choices when it comes to both color and texture.

Artificial Grass Cost

Installation of Artificial Grass

Having someone else do the installation work for you will certainly affect your artificial grass cost. While this is not a very hard job to do, most people will want the task completed quickly with as few headaches as possible. Typically the cost of the product itself will range anywhere from $3 on up per foot. You can expect to be charged per foot for the labor so the size of the job will greatly affect the actual installation charge you will need to pay.

Artificial Grass Cost versus Quality

Another factor in determining the artificial grass cost is going to be the quality of the turf you select. Some are more reliable than others and will be much more able to withstand long term exposure to the elements. You will not want to purchase a synthetic lawn that is going to deteriorate after only a few years. This needs to be considered especially if there is going to be a lot of exposure to moisture or direct sunlight. The desired look you want can also be considered part of quality. If you want to truly replicate the look of real grass, then you will certainly have to pay a somewhat higher price. For some applications this is not necessary, but when doing your entire lawn you might want something that looks a little bit more natural.

Long Term Savings with Artificial Grass

When initially looking at the various options there are available, it can be easy to get turned off by the numbers. You must however factor in the amount of money that will be saved over the long term. By considering the savings, your artificial grass cost will be significantly lowered. Add in that you will be able to enjoy a lush green lawn year round, and the best choice is obvious. You would be much better served in the end going with a look that you like, as it will be there for years to come, along with all the benefits.

Whether you install the turf yourself or hire an experienced professional, your synthetic grass will give you years of enjoyment with very little maintenance. Research and development to create a quality product is certainly considered in the artificial grass cost, which makes spending more sometimes the right thing to do. No matter what look you are trying to replicate, you will certainly have no trouble finding the turf to suit your needs. You can be outdoors admiring your green lawn much sooner than you think, without ever having to drag out the hose.