Artificial Grass FAQs

How long does artificial grass last?

In most cases your artificial grass is going to last for around ten years or more. This will however depend on whether or not you keep leaves from piling up, and if the installation was done properly. An improper installation could cause the mat to tear or water to pool up and begin a certain level of decomposition on the fabric which binds the artificial grass together.

Artificial Grass FAQ

Can pets use artificial grass?

While there are some types of synthetic turf we would not recommend this on, most will be able to handle this easily enough with little clean up. There is also special grass mats made specifically for pet owners. These artificial grasses will have an additional layer to the mat which allows liquid waste to flow more quickly into the ground and permeate through the surface. Generally these types of artificial grass will also be made to allow for easier clean up of solid waste, in most cases easier than the real thing as you will not have to deal with dirt and debris.

How do you care for artificial grass?

While properly installed artificial grass will require almost no maintenance, we recommend that you rake the leaves off the yard in an appropriate amount of time. While this might not cause any real damage, the build up of mildew or mold may discolor the synthetic turf leaving you with a less than desirable appearance.

Is artificial grass expensive?

This is going to depend on the kind of turf you choose to have installed, as well as the size of the area it is going to be covering. When compared to the long term savings of what it would cost to fertilize and maintain a yard to the point that it looks as green and well manicured as synthetic turf, the cost is much lower.

Is it safe to BBQ on artificial grass?

Artificial grass is made from compounds which are laboratory proven to be flame retardant. Since a burning coal does produce a fair amount of heat especially from prolonged exposure, it would be advisable for you to use a concrete slab to stand your grill on top of. Propane grills on the other hand can be used without any precautions other than keeping it from tipping.

What happens if a pipe or electrical line needs to be dug up?

Because of the nature of the mat, it is very simple to cut the section where access is needed and rolled out of the way. You can then easily put it back in place with an exact fit. This can be done without leaving any noticeable signs that the work was ever done.

Will weeds grow through artificial grass?

The mat is woven tight enough so that roots can not penetrate to the ground below. Many weeds are very resilient so only a small amount of dirt is needed for the seeds to pop up. Since there will be no real area for the roots to grab hold of, just raking the area will pull up any and all weeds that might grow. This will not happen at first as dirt carried by the wind will slowly build up and then you may have the occasional weed pop up.