Which is the Best Artificial Grass Manufacturer

This is a rather subjective question as the different manufacturers will have products that suit the needs and taste of a different set of people. Almost all will have a product which has been proven to stand up to the test of time, using chemical compounds that resist deterioration from sun and other harsh elements mother nature throws our way. There is also the fact that as synthetic turf becomes an increasingly popular choice, other manufacturers are going to want to toss their hat in the ring as well. The emerging global economy will also bring new competitors to the ring, along with new and innovative ideas for cutting costs.

Artificial Grass Manufacterer

The Same Factories?

As more and more work becomes outsourced to countries with less strict requirements on factories, there will be cases where several so called manufacturers all produce product from the same location. This does not mean it is the same product. Chemical composition is going to be different, along with the styles created. In many cases the actual manufacture of certain parts such as the mat itself might be in one location, but everything is pieced together after traveling quite a distance. When trying to choose which artificial grass manufacturer you might want to look at which products appeal to you more rather than look at where and how it was made.

Different Brands, Same Manufacturer of Artificial Grass

Just as with any product line, a company will produce several similar products and put them under a different name. This can make it harder to determine exactly who the manufacturer is. Sometimes this is done just so that a different marketing technique can be tried, so no matter who the end user chooses, the same company wins in the end. There are other instances where a particular lot of product just doesn't meet a certain high standard of quality, so another company might purchase the stock and put it under their own brand. When choosing which manufacturer to go with, you would be better off just looking at the synthetic turf itself and choose something which both fits your needs, and your budget.

Personal Choice for Artificial Grass

Everyone is going to have different tastes, and every yard is going to have slightly different conditions. Some will get more sun, others will have more leaves and debris, so it is really hard to do an actual side by side comparison on the different manufacturers. Some product lines are meant for a certain type of customer, such as people wanting a grass mat that can handle pets. These will be made of different materials than the synthetic turf meant for realistic looking grass, even though it may be from the same artificial grass manufacturer. Since you will be ordering a particular look more likely than a particular brand, just ensure that it will be the quality and able to handle the harsh elements. This will make it much easier than trying to figure out if one artificial grass manufacturer is any better than the other.