The Artificial Grass Price Can Vary Widely

As there are many styles available, some which resemble real grass more than others, and also some which simply look green, the artificial grass price can differ quite a bit. There is also the quality factor, which you must consider when wanting to cover an area that will be constantly exposed to full sun and the harsh elements of nature. You will want your investment to last for many years, so sometimes the better price will come with a separate cost in the long run.

Artificial Grass Price

Don't Forget Installation when finding an Artificial Grass Price

During your shopping, the artificial grass price shown is very unlikely to include installation. This will usually be estimated on a square footage basis, with extra for complex installations. The amount charged for installing the synthetic turf may also vary depending on what type of area you are needing to be covered. For doing a lawn, the ground must first be prepared and made uniformly smooth. There may have to be leveling done to avoid areas where water can stand after a heavy rain. This is needed because the standing water will create an area that simply does not look as good as the rest. For installing on a patio, there also might need to be a skim coat applied to make a flat level surface. Also, many types of the turf will have to be glued down as well, and this will be factored into the installation charge.

How real should Artificial Grass look

Since there are so many varieties available, the realism desired will factor into the artificial grass price when choosing which style to purchase. The more realistic the look, the more material is required in the manufacture of the product. This of course is not free, meaning longer blades of grass are going to come at a higher price. There are also specialty turfs available which mimic both the look and feel of certain types of grass. These are sometimes desired when you want the look of a lawn with grass which would not grow in your area. The more specialized the product you choose, the higher the artificial grass price is going to be.

Large Areas

If you are needing to cover a very large area, you might be able to purchase your synthetic turf in bulk. This will somewhat reduce the artificial grass price for you when needing to buy an entire roll. Some companies will not advertise this type of pricing, although it never hurts to ask if you are unsure. Other companies will gladly advertise full rolls at a reduced cost, which can bring you good savings on the artificial grass price. The amount on each roll can vary depending on the type and manufacturer, so you will never know if you are able to make use of the savings until you have chosen a style.

In general, the artificial grass price is inexpensive when compared to the cost of maintaining a well kept lawn throughout the years. Equipment breaks down, and there is also the time invested in fertilizing and watering as needed.