What is the Cost of Artificial Grass?

While we can look at the price per foot at which the artificial grass is sold, this does not reflect the actual cost of the product itself. As there are many benefits to using synthetic turf on your lawn, it can be very hard to put an actual price on these advantages. Generally speaking however, the cost of artificial grass is going to depend on what style you choose. Some mats are thicker than others, while there are some which more closely resemble the real thing. There is also the matter of installation, as even though it is relatively simple most people will opt to have someone handle the preparation of the ground as well as the actual installation itself. All these will factor into the cost of artificial grass.

What Is The Cost of Artificial Grass

Cost vs Savings

When you first begin to consider this option for your lawn, the cost of artificial grass can be rather intimidating before you think about the long term savings. You will never again have to use fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides for weed control on your lawn. This will be true for the life of your artificial grass which can add up quite a bit over the years. Don't just think about what you spend already, keep in mind that you will have a much greener, healthier looking yard than ever before. The amount of supplies and effort it would take in order to maintain that appearance would be staggering after the many years your artificial grass will last. There is also the cost of maintaining and/or repairing any lawn equipment used in keeping up on that well manicured look you are going to have. Do not forget that your time will be saved as well, and that can easily have a high dollar amount when compared to hiring someone at even the lowest wages to do the work for you. You will also never need to water your synthetic turf so won't have a need for an irrigation system that will need occasional repairs. If you have a water bill go ahead and factor this in as well, or even the cost of running your well pump when watering the lawn.

Installation Costs of Artificial Grass

To have professional installation by someone experienced, the cost of artificial grass will go up slightly per square foot. While you will be able to do this yourself, there is a lot of preparation needed in order to have your mat properly installed. Someone with experience will have the best design as to controlling water flow, and know exactly how much to compact the ground so you have a stable surface, that still lets the water permeate into the ground. While this will add to the actual cost, the benefits of having someone do it right will save you frustration as well as money and time needed to fix any mistakes. You certainly don't want the water to wash out an area beneath the mat which could lead to a trip hazard, so hiring someone experienced could save you a possible lawsuit as well.